Educators are like … coaches.

I’ll harken back to my original post, exploring What’s Learning for/as/of? where I pointed out that assessment is like prepping for a race. We’ve got to condition learners, by knowing where they’re at, tapping into strengths, focusing in on where they need to practice, and then supporting them through that culminating race to the finish line.

But we’re also their coach – and we work like a coach, and act like a coach, and ultimately, sweat like a coach.  Good thing there’s antiperspirant.

two woman doing exercise
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Because we’re strategizing the game, and then asking them to practice it.  We’re motivating learners, and asking them to endure the strenuous goal of working (brain) muscles that might not have been tested this hard before. We are adapting exercises for each athlete, and pairing them up with a buddy who can challenge them.  We’re drilling and testing, and demonstrating and doing the work right alongside them.  We build a team, we pull out their strengths and make them show it.  We drill the play, and support them as they execute.  And once they’ve practiced enough, we’re unleashing them on the playing field, and cheering as they score.  We’re screaming plays from the sidelines, but they’re the stars on the field.

We’re coaches, facilitators and motivators.  We’re not behind the podium, we’re helping them build the podium, so they can stand on it themselves.

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